Five Tips For Your Productive Dance Lesson.

12 Feb

1. Leave all of your problems about family, work and relationships at the door. My coach says to see yourself opening a box and putting your problems in that box. Then close the lid.

2. Leave your ego and feelings at the door. You’re there to learn… there will be many things you’re not doing correctly. You don’t know what it really is supposed to feel like, so don’t say things like, “It doesn’t feel right.”

3. Come in as a blank slate. Don’t try to do everything you learned on the previous lesson and this lesson at the same time. Just do what the teacher is telling you to do today.

4. Enjoy the learning experience. Even if it seems completely different from what you learned the week before. There’s a reason your teacher is going there. Accept and enjoy what comes out.

5. As you leave the studio open your box and take out everything that you put in. If you don’t take the issues out, then your subconscious mind will not let you put them away again. Your subconscious needs to know that when it’s time you will deal with issues… just not when you’re taking a dance lesson.

I would like to hear from all of you. What tips assist you when taking or teaching a lesson?


More Rewards

5 Feb

Here are some ideas I received for rewards: walk in the park, special dinner, movie or play, watch a favorite TV show, glass of wine, go away for the weekend, travel to Europe, buy a house, designer shoes, teeth straightened, move to a new city, take a day off from work, buy new furniture, call a friend, get a new dance costume, attend a dance competition in a city that have not been to.

Sometimes it’s good to work backwards from your rewards to your goals. Pick a big reward, then attach a goal to it. Say you really want to attend the Blackpool dance festival in England next May. What goals do you need to reach? It will probably have something to do with earning or saving more money, right? Since I’ve attended many times I would say for tickets, airfare and hotel your will need about $2,000 plus food and other little things, so let’s say $3,000. You’ll need to have about $500 by July for the tickets, $1,000 for airfare by December and the rest by the time you go in May. So if you get the $500 by July your medium reward might some new jewelry to take with you. When you reach the goal of $1,000 by December you can maybe get a new outfit as your reward. You can get as creative as you want with this, but I would say having the money by certain dates would be a medium goal. Then you need to create action steps to reach the medium goals, the action steps might include smaller goals and smaller rewards. Small goals and rewards are steps you use to get to the medium goals. It can be saving a certain amount of money or finding a way to earn more. If you get a part-time job a small reward could be to watch a dance movie or video to help keep you motivated. Or if you save $50 a week a small reward might be to attend a local dance competition to watch or a social dance.

You get the idea right? Have fun and play with it but always give yourself a reward for something accomplished, no matter how small. If you never give a reward your subconscious mind will not want to do anything anymore. It will be tired all the time and unmotivated. It seems to me that the most successful people have fun and enjoy the ups and downs in their journey.

Reward Yourself

30 Jan

Most people don’t acknowledge the good things that they do. They just keep working at their jobs and hobbies, taking care of the kids or loved ones, cleaning their houses and yards… all the activities and responsibilities that they believe they should do. But they never give themselves a reward or a pat on the back for a job well done. A day of sticking to our diet or practicing a dance routine or even being on time for all of our appointments that day, when we’re always late, are reasons to celebrate. Some activities might not get a major reward such as a trip to Europe, but they do deserve an acknowledgment that they were accomplished.

Take a few minutes to sit down and think about this for a few minutes. What goals do you want to accomplish? Pick some small, medium and large goals. Then decide on what rewards are appropriate for those goals. Here’s an example: Small goal—finishing my blog, reward—having a chocolate; medium goal—drinking 8 ounces of water 8 times a day for 2 weeks, reward—new pair of shoes; large goal—earning $20,000 a month for six months, reward—new apartment.

The rewards you pick will be as individual as your goals. It’s fun to think about it. Let me know some of your ideas.

Take Action—Develop Better Habits

23 Jan

Psychologists say that 90% of our behavior is habitual. Whether they are good or bad habits they always produce results, but the results usually show up much later in life. For example: If you ate a lot of sugar and soda as a child, you’re probably still doing it now and you may have some health problems. But it’s never too late to change your habits… it just takes some time and awareness. What could you accomplish if you changed just four habits a year? To get started make a list of what you would like to do differently this year. It could be: stop being late for meetings and events, having fast-food meals more than three times a week, procrastinating, feeling guilty, not delivering on promises. Pick four that you would like to change first and concentrate on one each quarter. For the first quarter, if you want to stop eating at fast food restaurants, make a weekly menu plan. During the weekend, buy healthy food, like fruits and vegetable that you can carry with you and eat on the run. Hummus, celery, nuts, almond butter, a healthy protein shake or bar are great options. If you have to be in your car a lot, carry a little cooler with you. Make that one bad habit your main focus until March 31 and see how it changes your life.

“Success is a matter of understanding and religiously practicing specific, simple habits that always lead to success.”
Robert J. Ringer, Author of “Million Dollar Habits”

Reshaping Your Body

13 Aug

I was on a plane yesterday, which is nothing new; it seems I’m always at airports and on planes. But this trip I seemed to notice more people who were seriously overweight. And I could see how uncomfortable they were.  I even wondered if they were worried about fitting in a seat. With the obesity rate rising every day it seems that we see and hear so much about diets, fat burners, lap bands and ads claiming that their company’s diet is the best.  So with all of these choices, why are there so
many people still overweight and even obese.

I know so many people, especially those in their 50’s and also dancers who have retired from competing, that seem to be dieting all the time, counting points, weighing and going to gyms. But the results are the same. They start all excited and lose some weight, but within a few months it’s all back on again and many times
they’re even heavier than they were when they first started.  Why does this yo-yo dieting happen to the majority of people who try to lose weight?

I’ve been studying and reading about this issue for a few years now.  And  the reasons so many people are overweight can be; poor food choices, not exercising enough or simply because as we age it’s harder to stay thin.  Many people are stress eaters or use food for comfort.  I can be a stress eater… pasta and potato chips area comforting to me when I have a lot of things going on. I guess everyone has their own eating habits and weaknesses.

Something else that I’ve learned is that we have a hard time losing weight because of the impurities that we come in contact with every day. Even if we live in a rural environment, we aren’t immune to the effects of environmental toxins on our body. There are impurities in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the water we bathe in. Leading nutritionists and physicians believe that the keys to living a long and healthy life are to cleanse and supplement.  Nutritional cleansing is the perfect solution.

Watch this video to learn more about the impurities in our
world today:

Your Health Is Your Wealth

20 Jun

My name is Christine and I started this blog to talk about my two passions—dancing and nutrition.

A little bit about me… I’ve always been interested in dancing; my specialties in gymnastics were balance beam and floor exercise because they were dance related and not so much based on muscle and strength like the bars and vault. I was a member of the first women’s sports team (gymnastics) and received a varsity letter at New Castle High School in New Castle, Pa.

I attended college at Slippery Rock State University. My first major was Phys. Ed…  thought  I would be a gym teacher. I soon found that playing soccer, lacrosse and even archery just wasn’t my thing.  So I changed majors a few times. I ended up as a community health major—still don’t know what that actually means!

After I got my degree, and with no job in my major, I saw an ad in the newspaper for ballroom dance instructors. The ad said that the studio would train, so with very little knowledge about dancing with a partner I tried out for the position. I made it through the studio’s training program, and I’ve been teaching ballroom dance ever since. I went from a studio in Youngstown, OH to Indianapolis, IN then to Pittsburgh, PA and now I live in my dream city, New York, NY.

I’ve competed professionally in the American Smooth, International Ballroom and Latin divisions, and traveled all over the country dancing and competing. After retiring from competing professionally in 2000, I did not stop dancing — continuing to compete with my students in the pro/am divisions. I also still teach and judge competitions.

A few years ago another ballroom dancer introduced me to a nutritional cleansing system that has really changed my life. So I’m now teaching people to nutritionally cleanse their bodies and change their health for the better. My cleansing  team has conference calls, support groups on Facebook and meetings. It’s really fun to combine dancing with great nutrition. They are the perfect partners!

Topics I’ll cover in my blog :

  • ballroom dancing tips
  • healthy eating choices
  •  interviews with health professionals and ballroom dance champions
  •  traveling
  •  how to use nutrition to maximize training for dance competitions, marathons and sporting events
  • focusing tips to help you reach your goals

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this, and I welcome your comments!